Worry – The Spice of Life

What is anxiety?
It is psychological and physiological state of arousal caused by the brain’s interpretation of stimulus as a threat
Life is a combination of thrills and threats. We are thrilled by something and it turns to a source of worry, fear and anxiousness.
  • Common stress triggers
  • Frequent lateness
  • Constant anger or frustration
  • Inability to do something.
  • Money
  • Being burned out/overextended.
  • Forgetfulness
  • The death of a close friend/relative
  • Breakdown of a relationship
  • Losing contact with loved ones
  • Injury or illness (oneself or a family
  • Being abused or neglected.
  • Loss of job/fear of loss
  • Any unforeseen circumstance
  • Nothing
  • Having a long TO DO list
  • Overthinking/indecision
Matt 6:25-33  Do not worry
-There is no life that will not face adversity —How we approach those is what would make a difference and help us in growing our faith. —God who allows us to go through challenges is also able to take us through them. Our lack of faith is what leads us to worry and fear
1 Cor 10:13 MSG
Nothing new under the sun. There is nothing we go through that someone has not.
God will not give us more than we can handle and even if that happens He himself will provide a way out
There is difference between want and need. We leave things in God’s hands and then begin to doubt by worrying. He will always do what is best
Matt 6:25-33
Practical tips
  1. Process forward – ask what is troubling you. Journal your thoughts. Pray concerning it or ask someone to pray with you. Ps 56:3-4 when the philistines seized David in Gath – when I am afraid I put my trust in you. Go to Psalms and meditate
  2. Develop new habits/self care- make lifestyle changes. Our physical being can impact our psychological well being and vice versa – exercise, sleep, caffeine, excessive eating, humour, breaks
  3. Do not take on too much – learn to Time block- deal with what you can control Say NO to wasted time, establish daily and weekly routines, have a family calendar and make back up plans, use time management skills at home
  4. Set limits – work, home family and social – Learn to say NO don’t people please – No reason, short explanation, trade off/ alternative
  5. Establish support systems – open wide your hearts – Friends and family, discipling times, community resources , counseling, doctor
  6. Prayer and petition Phil 4:6 pray continually. Pray before making a decision/reacting. Have a prayer partner Listen to the spirit
  7. Take baby steps. Resolve to change one thing