The Victory of Brokenness

We saw miracles of God in the past because of our brokenness before God. Some time later we lost the edge.
It’s human nature.. We start strong but then we tend to lose the edge. Comfort is our enemy.
Jeremiah 6:16

Genesis 32:9
The story of Jacob is a great inspiration for everyone going through tough times. After all hardships and trials we can see that God still loved Jacob and made great nation out his descendants.

-Stuck With Myself
No matter what we are going through in our lives there’s not need to blame someone else: church, your friends, lack of leadership. Just ask yourself: Am i the better version of myself?
Are you bitter?-Bitterness is a killer of everything good. Fight it. God invites you to fight. God invited Jacob to fight. God wanted Jacob to face the strength of his own will.

Jacob finally got his blessing but not without being broken physically and spiritually. When was the last time you were broken before God, cried or asked for help? If you are not doing this, you are relying on your own strength. God uses a broken vessel.

Jacob wrestled with God and prevailed in the sense that he got God’s blessing.
Find time alone with God. Stop running. Find time to pray, fast.