Mountain Moving Prayer

We cannot have great lives and accomplish great things on our own. We need God’s help. We need to commit ourselves to life changing prayer.
True prayer does not allow us to deceive ourselves. It is in prayer that our real idea of God appears and real idea of relationship with God comes up.
Matthew 21:18-22
Genuine faith needs prayer.

1. Mountain moving prayer requires faith.
Matthew 17:19-20
Another way to translate faithlessness is not taking God seriously.
If you have genuine faith as small as a mustard seed, you can do great things. It’s not about us but it is because the object of our faith, no matter how little it is, can be used by our Almighty God to do amazing things.

If I could ask God something what would it be?
When we pray with faithful hearts it’s more than just a wish. Seeing our faith God will act on our behalf.

2. Don’t focus on the mountain but focus on God
Dealing with disappointment is heart. Mountains of faithlessness can set permanent dwelling in our hearts and we may lose faith thinking certain things will never change, so there’s no use in praying.

Do you really believe God is almighty? Take the focus off yourself and look at God and what he can do. Shift your focus from the mountain to being a Mountain Mover.

Scripture is not about people doing something but it is about people becoming someone.  

Great biblical examples of God’s working on his people’s behalf
Numbers 13:1
1 Samuel 17:46. David knew it wasn’t his battle. He did focus on the problem but on God and what He can do.
Shift focus from the mountain size to the sufficiency of God.
What mountains stand in your way today? Prayer can make an incredible difference.