Promises of God

There’s a good news for all of us Christians: we no longer have to feel guilt over our transgression whether they were committed in the past, present or future.

The cross is a payment. Resurrection is a receipt of the salvation. Jesus’ death redeems us from guilt.

Whatever you struggle with today there’s a temptation to think you are a sinner or some kind of pervert. The fact is that Jesus had to become a pervert on the cross fro you so you can have a guilt free life.

John 8:31-32

Jesus talks about truth and makes us free. There are a lot of truths in the Bible but not all of them makes us free. The truth that came form Jesus sets free.
John 8:36

John 16:7

One of the purposes of the Spirit is to help us understand that we’ve been given the righteousness of God.

Since we became Christians there’s no condemnation for us from God.

There’s no room for guilt in the lives of Christians. Jesus took the beating and the punishment. You are not only a Christian, disciple you are a saint, a child. In father children relationship there’s no fear.

Satan tries to attack our image, our very core by trying to make is convince that we are not what God made us. Remember how Satan tempted Eva – are you really like God? Temptation of Jesus: “If you’re really a son of God…” to which Jesus replied “I’m a Beloved Son of God”.

Jesus took the guilt trip we take the blessings.  Jesus took the dishonor so we can take the honor.
Remember your self image. What God made you. There’s no condemnation in our Lord Jesus. Always rejoice.
Luke 15:1

Repentance means resting on the shoulders of shepherd when he’s taking you home.