The God to Who We Pray

Do I see God for who He is? Do I have the right picture?
Where’s my prayer life now? Am I too busy? Are my prayers intense? Do I find time to get to know God on a different level?

Prayer provides a bridge from desperation to confidence; from stagnation to involvement.
Through the ages prayer has changed minds
Prayer mattered.

Psalms 29:11
God is power. If there’s no God, there’s no Power. God is peace. If there’s no God, there’s not peace.  

We worship the God of Power.
We are wired to be self reliant. From early childhood we are taught to be independent and rely on our own strength.

Isaiah 40:25-31
Do I believe that God’s power is enough to change my life? How often we try to go and do something first before we turn to God and pray asking for guidance.

When we faced with a problem do we really believe that God can change it?

We worship the God of Peace
Philippians 4:4-7
We have a privilege of rejoicing in God always. Paul wrote these lines while being in prison. His solution to anxiety was prayer. 

Anything too small to pray about is too small to worry about it.

True peace will not come from spending time on a resort or long vacation. True, sustainable peace comes from God.
Don’t stay up all night counting sheep. Talk to the Shepard.  

Surrender is a Key to a life changing prayer. Jesus is an example of an ultimate surrender. He surrendered his life to the point of death.

When we pray God fill our hearts with peace that transcends understanding.