What Kind of Builder Are You?

Matthew 7:24
Jesus talks about building homes – one of the hardest undertaking of the time.
Life is just like that. It’s extremely complex.
One thing to remember was not to build on the sludge, wet, soft top soil.
In real life sludge represents things that are not important. Think of the things that are important for you on your deathbed.
It’s easy to dismiss the fool as someone we will never be. But we are closer to fools than we think. Jesus didn’t talk about building houses in the beach.
Often, it’s hard to tell what we are building on.
If my point of security  is the fact that I go to church, do something good than I am a fool.
Jesus meant so much more than that.
We investigate deeper, contemplate what are building on.
We need to stay humble. Do soul searching. Examine ourselves and our motives on a daily basis to understand what we build our lives on.
Am I building on a foundation?
Ask yourself:
Do I think I am a wise but do I participate in things like:
Do I participate in gossip and slander?
What your internet browsing history looks like?
Do I have other people influence my life?
Church is not about signing, hugging, potlucks and so on. It’s about knowing how great God is and how messed up we are and how He accepts as anyway. That’s why we are happy and sing and clap.
It’s hard to tell whether you’re foolish or wise builder but it starts with asking yourself hard questions, probing yourself on a daily basis.