Unwavering Faith

Hebrews 10:19-25, 32-39

The book of Hebrews written to disciples who faced hardship, ostracism, property confiscated imprisonment and more. As result they were tired and weary. Many abandoned the faith. Others were wondering: Is following Jesus worth it? 

Would be better to go back to old life?

Today some of us at different points: You may be tired, weary, and have doubts. You may be wondering: Is it worth it?

Staying as a disciple

Becoming a disciple 

Wherever we’re at, we need to build our faith, continue in faith and have an unwavering faith

A Faith that hold unswervingly (unwavering) to the hope we profess

Stay Focused on Jesus

Focus is powerful

“The successful man is the average man focused” Unknown


How well our faith is kept in tack comes down to our focus on Jesus

In Jesus we are Blessed Tremendously (19-22)

We have access to the father, through Jesus We have a high priest who guarantees closeness to God

We have full assurance of faith

We have a cleansed heart and clear conscience

We have hope because of Jesus

Stay focused on Jesus

What you have in Jesus far outweighs what you are going through


Focused can be misdirected. Focus on:

Themselves – how you look, feel

Careers: advancement, making lots of money

School – consumes all time

Spouse (find a spouse)

Children life, all decisions start with them

People: What they have done, doing, or will do

Past, present, future

Primary focus to be Jesus


Jesus is the reason for being and for doing.

To be unwavering we must focus on Jesus.

Focus on who Jesus is, how he lived and what he taught

Focus on what Jesus has done, what he is doing and what he will do

Look to him, focus on him and follow him! 

He will come back

He will get you to heaven!

You will be richly rewarded (35) 

You will receive what is promised (36)

You will receive Better and lasting possessions

Jesus is the only reason to be a Christian and to stay a Christian

At times in our circumstances, or the problem, we can only focus on it until it overwhelms us

We can take our focus off Jesus and leave it on the problem. Our problem becomes bigger and our God becomes smaller.  


Hebrews 12:1-4

Focus on Jesus, Look to him and follow him

  1. Stay Connected to the Fellowship 

Hebrews 10:23-25

  1. Choose Community Over Individualism

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

Choose “We” over Me

Its not about me, but we

Individual mindset

What’s in it for me?

My needs

What do I want from the church

I don’t need the church

 Life is designed for companionship & community, not isolation

Some people prefer isolation, especially when they’re hurt or disappointed; No longer trust, put up walls

We NEED Relationships

We are confronted with sin, marital difficulties, parenting challenges, relational challenges, loss, illness, blind spots, feel like giving up, discouraged

We need people of faith to encourage our faith

Relationships that help us to do the will of God more effectively

Relationships that help each other grow beyond our comfort zone so we do our best for God 

Relationships that can build us up and make us stronger as Christians

Relationships that can help us remain faithful

What its going to take?


  1. Not give up meeting together (25)

Be devoted to fellowship. 

Not neglect the fellowship. If we get in the habit of forsaking the fellowship we will eventually start swerving in our faith

Problem: With all youth sports, job demands, school activities, there is a growing acceptance of not getting together or letting other things crowd out meeting together


We have more resources (Email, phone, text, Facebook, bus, etc) and more excuses

Meet together


Fight for fellowship


  1. Give Careful Thought to Encouragement (24)

To Consider requires knowing the person


Q – Do you see your need for encouragement?

Q – Who is encouraging you? 

Q – Who are you encouraging?

Q – What can you do to give meaningful encouragement that moves people toward maturity?