Crisis, Dreams and Miracles

1. Crisis
There are many words to describe crisis. Point of no return, zero hour, danger, opportunity…
Crisis defines life. In them you discover who you are.
Crisis is part of Gods plan. No Crisis. No growth.
Out of crisis comes victory and success.
Bible stories are all about crisis. Moses, Joan, Josef, Esther, Jesus.
If you don’t have crisis in your life you are doing something wrong.
Life is fool of crisis. Job, school, relationships, church…
Crisis is a good opportunity of Gods power to be revealed.

Genesis 5:19-25
Birth of his son was a defining moment in Enoch’s life. He had to raise a son in a corrupt generation.  It was a crisis. He was the first prophet who did not see death.

Jude 1:14-15
We too are like Enoch. We have to live in a corrupt world. What kind of father and a parent and a disciple of Jesus do I want to be for my children?


We worship an incredible God
God is more excited about your life and your church.
We are able to see stars and incredible galaxies because God wants us to understand his power and his love.
Enoch was described and the first astronomer. Perhaps he would look up at the sky often. Perhaps that what kept him faithful and allowed to set his hope in heaven.
Contemplation is important for Christian life.

Psalm 25:12
God wants to share his thought, dreams and knowledge with us. We just need to open our minds and hearts. Devil w acts to keep our minds occupied with things that are not important. Focuses us in the small picture as opposed to the big one.
How great are your bible studies? Are you dreaming, singing, reading. Is worshiping God a duty of s privilege?

3. Opportunity
James 1:2-4
The greatest thing about Enoch is not the fact that he was taken to heaven but the fact that he persevered.
Perseverance will allow us to see the results of Gods work. What do you want me to do for you today God is asking this question over and over again.
You have to commit to consistent and intimate relationship with God.