The Faith of a Widow

An Expecting Faith

2 Kings 4:1-7
The widow did not ask too many questions. She just followed Elijah’s instructions.
She was expecting God to do something great in her Life despite her circumstances and God did just that.

Sacrificial faith
Luke 21:1-4
Christianity is all about sacrifice. The widow have all she had to live on.
It doesn’t matter how much money or time do you give to God. It’s about how much heart you invest in His kingdom. If you have no problem with giving all your heart you won’t have problems sacrificing anything else.
Jesus pays attention to what we give and how we apply our faith. 
Window’s faith was immortalized by the scriptures.

Persistent faith
Luke 18:1-8
That widow persisted until she got what she came for. 
God may delay answering our prayer but he always has a plan. We need to be persistent. Persistence grows our character.
Persistence is a barometer of our faith. Do I have a persistent faith. How’s my prayer? Am I still persistent in my prayers?