You Have Great Faith

Matthew 15:21-28
Would not that be nice if Jesus told you that you have a great faith?

Desperate faith
Woman’s faith was desperate. She heard about Jesus and how He healed other people. She was willing to try everything. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Think of yourself in a desperate situation. You would probably do whatever it takes to make sure the need is met.

We all have spiritual needs. We need to be desperately seeking God. More often than not, we give spiritual matter less priority.

Tested faith
Jesus was silent to test woman’s faith. It was also a test of her humility. When was the last time you knelled down before God?

Jesus tested the woman when he compared her to a dog. She didn’t take it personally. There was too much on the line to let pride in the way. How many of us would just stop right there?

Determined faith.
Silence, challenges, disciples wanting her to leave but the woman was determined to not let go until she got a blessing from Jesus. She did not give up because she’d gone too far.

Do we have that kind of determined faith? I’m going to keep praying and praying until the situation changes. Do I have a determined faith to change anything in our lives.

How about times when we don’t get an immediate response?

Commended faith.
Her faith impressed Jesus. What would Jesus say about your faith today?

Will he say your faith is determined, tested or would he say O you of little faith?

Woman’s faith was rewarded. Often reward is a prayer away or an act away.