Faith that Impressed Jesus

Matthew 8:5-13
Amazing story of faith that impressed Jesus. That should be our goal in life – to have a faith that impresses God.

1. A faith to seek out God.
Centurions considered as finest men in the Roman army. They were the cement of the army. He had power, authority but could not do much to ho his servant. He needed a divine intervention. He needed help.

Sometimes we feel that way. Powerless, anxious, lonely. Marriage, family problems, parenting. Maybe it’s just lack of faith into what God can do in your life.

Romans 3:23-24
Even if our life does but seem all that bad we all have one big problem called sin. Only Jesus us able to help us. The road to dealing with sins starts with setting on the road to Jesus. Just like that centurion did.

No matter who are in the life. Titles, wellbeing aside Jesus is the answer.

Faith that helps us look at ourselves differently.
The centurion wan humble to approach Jesus. He was looking to help his slave who at the time were treated as possessions. The centurion was no ordinary master. His relationship with his servant were different. He invested his own time into seeking a solution for his servant.

It is important that we look at people differently. Not like the rest of the world. We can be either a flaw-based thinker of a faith-based thinker.

Flaw-based thinkers are critical and see only negative things.

Faith based thinkers see limitations and weakness but look at them through the eyes of God. We should have hope in humans despite their limitations and imperfection. We need to have faith that God can change them.

That’s what Jesus did. He looked at what people could become.

3. Faith to take Jesus at His word
Means what I read in His word. We need to trust that God does not go back on his word and be ready to claim what God promised us.

James 1:19-25
We are to humbly accept and trust the word of God. The centurion did it and got the result.
We can sometime filter the word of God through our feelings, other people’s opinions, media.

Centurion had a faith that stood out. Do I have a faith that impresses God and live the life according to it?