How the Resurrection Change My Life

1 Corinthians 15:1-8,  
The foundation of Christian belief is “the gospel”
This gospel Paul preached as of 1st importance
It is by this gospel you are saved (2) and taken your stand.
The word gospel means “good news” and  is defined as the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ
The Son of God came to earth, lived, was crucified and buried; but rose on the 3rd day!
When Jesus rose from the dead, he appeared to his disciples
After he died, the disciples experiences a variety of different emotions.
The death of Jesus was only part of the story
 They did not grasp what was going to happen; the resurrection
After Jesus raised and appeared to them there lives were changed forever.

How has the resurrection change your life?

How the Resurrection change the Disciples?

John 20: 10-20, 24-31

Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene
Mary was crying when Jesus appeared to her
She went and told them the news
Jesus appeared to the disciples
The disciples were together, with the doors locked for fear of the Jews
Jesus came and stood among them and they were overjoyed
He turned their hearts from pain & fear to joy
Jesus appeared to Thomas
When Jesus first appeared to the other disciples, Thomas was not with them
He was in a spiritual crisis
Perhaps he was so distraught he went to be with himself
He refused to believe in the Resurrection unless he had proof.
“When they appeared to him he had his emotional guard up; he would not be deceived again
Jesus; Stop doubting and believe
Thomas received his proof and responded with awe and worship – My Lord and My God
After his encounter with Jesus his life was never the same
Thomas believed and became a dynamic follower and died as a martyr for Christ

Q – What was it about the resurrection that changed their hearts from sadness, disappointment, confusion discouragement, doubt and fear to conviction, clarity and courage and contentment?

I believe 1 Corinthians 15:14-20 can help to understand what they felt and the difference it made it their life

Now let’s think about how the disciples would have felt if they believed Jesus did not raise from the dead

If He did not raise from the dead, He is still in the grave – He is gone! Never to see him again
Mary would have reason to be weeping

If He did not raise from the dead, he was not the Son of God
They followed an imposter, deceiver, fake, miracle worker, nice guy, good moral teacher

If He did not raise from the dead, our faith is useless (14)
Their faith is in a dead man, and a dead man can’t save.
Their faith was futile, and everything they did was in vain
Their preaching was useless (14)
Their testimony was false ( false witnesses)
Words are empty because Christianity is a lie!
He is not the Messiah, there is no power over sin, there is nothing to look forward to after the grave

If Jesus did not raise from the dead, we are still in our sins – Powerless to sin and not forgiven

If Jesus did not raise from the dead, we are to be pitied more than all men (19).  
Because there is only earthly value to Christianity
Not only did we follow an imposter, the authorities are after us!
Put yourself in their shoes and you can see why they would be saddened, discouraged, maybe angry, have regrets, fearful

Good news: Jesus raised from the dead. Therefore since he raised from the dead:
It proves He was the Messiah
It confirms everything He said & did was true
It reassures us that everything He says He will do – He is trustworthy; He’s dependable and can be counted on
It proves that all things are possible with Him
If He raised from the dead, he can change our lives in the hear & now
He can change you or your circumstances
He can remove pain, despair, discouragement and turn it into joy, contentment and fulfillment

E. He can forgive sins
The resurrection of Jesus allows our past to be taken away, forgiveness is possible & have power over sin through the Holy Spirit

F. Their is secure (Our Hope is Secure)
Without the resurrection, death is it. Not much to look forward to.
Because of the resurrection we can look at death differently. Death is end of one life and beginning of another.
Jesus overcame death by his and resurrection
Q – How has the resurrection change your life?
Q – How will the resurrection change your life?
Q – Will it be intellectual or an emotional experience?
Q – Will it be a personal experience?
Q – Do you believe He is the Messiah? If so, are you committed to serving Him?
Q – Do you believe in a Risen Lord who raise from the dead, who is not limited in power, and capable of changing your life?
Q – Are you experiencing the joy of your salvation, or are there circumstances in your life that have robbed you of your joy?
Q – Are you excited about forgiveness?
Q – Are we excited that just as Christ was raised from the dead we will one day be raised with him?

The resurrection is of first importance.
It is crucial to Christianity.
Jesus lived, died, raised on the third day.
The resurrection of Jesus made a difference in the disciples lives. They were forever changed.
There was no more fear only faith, no more confusion only clarity, no more sadness but joy, no
His presence brought forgiveness for the past, joy for the present and hope for the future.
Let us remember the importance and message of the resurrection and allow it to change us as we follow the risen Lord.