All Things Are Possible With God

All things are achievable and attainable with God.

Mark 10: 17-30 Jesus encounter with a rich man. This man asked a very important question. His question was not about today about eternal life. Jesus told him to give up his wealth and he went away sad. The scripture explains that this man was a good man. He was an all around good person. You would think that he was set for heaven but there was one thing that came between him and eternal life.

1- Salvation is possible with GOD
1 Tim 2:3 God wants all mankind to be saved. God wants each and every one of us to have a relationship with him and to be saved. Salvation is possible with God but God not all mankind will be saved. We must have the right heart before God. Sometimes we can have a standard of what is good by comparing ourselves to others. We have to look at what the scriptures teach us to understand God’s standard and his expectation.

For the young rich man, money was the one thing that stood in his way. Jesus teaches us that everything is possible with God. This was not only about money. It’s about having a heart for God first above all things. Our trust must be in Him not in our selves, in our goodness, or in our possessions. Salvation is possible only with God. No matter if we are young, old, rich or poor we all need Him.
Q: Where are you at in your faith? We must accept where we are at before God and surrender what we are holding on to. God doesn’t want 99% of our heart. We need to be 100% committed to Him. Think of a relationship with a spouse. Would you be ok if a spouse was 99% faithful?

Q: Are sure you are ready to give up whatever he wants us to do? What would Jesus say is the thing that you are prioritizing before God? What would he say is the one thing that would stand before God or that is hurting your relationship with God?

2- A blessed life is possible with God
Mark 10:29-30 The rich man missed out on something valuable. God promises us that whatever we give up he will bless us 100 times more. Sometimes we can think that what we have is more then what Jesus going to offer us. And sometimes we can think we have given everything that we can give and we are still waiting for the 100 times more promise and we grow inpatient.

Q:You need to ask you self if you have given up our heart completely. Are you truly being honest with yourself? What we have in Christ is greater then what we have in the world.
Q: What steps today do you need to take to be right with God?  Maybe it’s learning what it really means to study the bible or maybe it’s realizing that  things you need to give up to fully be committed to God.
Let’s us humbly accept God’s offer of salvation and be committed to follow HIM.