Do You Want To Get Well?

John 5:1-15
The man was stuck in his situation for 38 years. His problem became a way of life.

The man also had a spiritual problem.

What can be worse than being an invalid for 38 years? I life of self indulgence that separates you from God.

Do I want to get well? Do I want to be whole? Do you want spiritual breakthrough in my life?

 Jesus is the answer.

If we feel discontent in our lives most likely because we took our eye off Jesus.

Jesus was drawn to people with needs. It showed the heart of God who sees value in every human being.

Why ask the sick man if he wanted to get well? Jesus gave him a choice. The man had a choice to remain as he was. Jesus did not force his solution in the man.  

Sometimes when we stuck in the problem we want to stay stuck. We may like feeling self pity, people having low expectations from us and so on. People may feel comfortable in their situations.

What can we do to get well today?
Our God is a God that specializes in problems. People came to Jesus with problems.

  • Have faith in gods ability to solve our problem.
  • Make a decision that we need to get well. Be honest with ourselves and make sure we are serious about getting well.
  • Get into the word of God and obey it. The sick man obeyed Jesus – picked up his mat and walked.
  • Change how we think and change how we act.
  • Stop doing whatever we now is wrong. Sin will not make man whole.
  • Surround ourselves with people who can call us on our sins and help us get through.
  • Start praying to God until change happens.
  • Share with other people about God’s word work in our lives.