Your Faith Had Made You Well

Mark 5:21-34

We may be at a different point in our lives and not necessarily have the same problem the woman had. But we do have problems. And we can approach them with faith and let God work in our lives through difficult situations. 

The woman imagined that if she had only touched Jesus it would change her life.

Where’s your faith today? What do you think God can do in your current situation?

So many things could have stopped the woman from seeking out Jesus. Her disease, 12 years of suffering, fear of disappointment, people crowding around Jesus. 

She had no money, no health but she had faith. That was enough to start a journey of looking for Jesus. 

She did not care what others think. Trying to do what is socially acceptable rather than what God wants will lead you away from the path of faith 

People believe that by becoming a Christian will lead them to miss out on a lot of things in life.  In fact, the opposite is true. 

We should not let other people dictate what we should or should not do as disciple. 

Her faith was blessed. Becoming well was a result of her faith. Her faith transformed the power if God into a blessing in her life. 

Blessings can take some time to come. 

Her faith got Jesus’ attention. Sometimes we want God’s attention but do not want to do anything about it. This woman believed and acted on it. 

What are you doing today to get God’s attention?