According to Your Faith Will It Be Done To You

What is faith?
Hebrews 11:1, 6
Faith is a distinguishing mark of every Christian. It is important to be confident what we believe in.

Matthew 9:27-29

1. An authentic faith.
Belief of the blind men was shown in action and God blessed them. They did not let their blindness to stop them from believing. They believed despite their circumstances.

Where is my faith at this morning?

Faith is not just s belief in something. Faith must be accompanied by action.

James 2:15-24
Faith is something that you do.  It’s tangible. Faith is not something that you say.
Faith is not something that we feel. Faith is not something that you think.

Authentic gives God an option to say ‘no’ or ‘not yet’.

To have an audacious.

Matthew 14:22-29
Peter was not afraid to step out of the boat while other disciples were warm and comfortable. For a moment he was able to experience he was able to experience what Jesus did.

Simply because of this audacious faith Peter was able to experience something amazing.

We too should have an audacious faith to have a fulfilling Christian lives.

Impalas are powerful animals who can leap 33 feet high and hover 10 feet long. But they can be confined in the zoo by a 3 foot wall, simply because impalas don’t jump when they cannot see where they will land.

We too can be like this: living by sight, rather than by faith. Our lives can be confined by smaller obstacles in life and always afraid to step out of the boat for the fear of fail.