How Great is Our God

How Great is Our God

Isaiah 40:12

God is big
It is important to understand how big God is. It will determine to size of our dreams. The smaller your God the smaller your dreams.

.nations are the drop in a bucket

Is we grow in our knowledge of God our view of Him should get bigger. But very often our view is chiseled away by failures, disappointments, sins. As a result our God gets smaller, we grows faithless and clinical.

We need to believe in God who is capable of doing much more than we can ask for.

God is strong
God doesn’t grow tired or weary. He is never too busy to help us. That’s why we can rely on His promises.
There’s no need to fill scared or insecure. We serve a strong God.

31 Isaiah compares believers to eagles. Do I live like an eagle? Or a chicken?
Gods plan for us to soar to spiritual levels.
Am I soaring like an eagle or am I content with chicken life with its barn yard limitations? Do I live in my comfort zone, being afraid to change things?

God challenges us to throw off barnyard limitations and soar to spiritual heights.

How big are my dreams? How confident I am in God and willing to change things in my life?