Love for God

How Does God Expect We Should Love Him?

God gave his absolute best for us. his one and only son.

1 John 4:9-10, 19
God loved us first. And he did not stop there. he continues to love us every day

Luke 10:25-28
How can we love God in the way that will be acceptable to Him?
What is Gods primary language of love?
he doesn’t need words of affirmation although  we can offer words of praise and worship.
God does not need our gifts although we may give something to Him so we think less about ourselves and learn the gift of giving.
Everything God asks us is for our benefit.

1 John 5:1-3
God”s primary love language is to obey His commands.
God”s commands meant to make our lives better.
Parents et rules for their chosen out of love.
Jesus demonstrated love to his father through obedience.He  became obedient to death.
Jesus was innocent but died a painful and humiliating feather because of love and obedience to His father.
Do I love God? Do I obey God? how do I show God my love?