Knowing God and Making Him Known

Who is God to you? Our picture of God can sometimes be distorted. That”s why we need Scriptures to correct that view.

Acts 17:16-34
Paul wanted to make a God known. If I were given an opportunity to share one thing about God what would I have said?

Ottawa is like Athens in a lot of ways. Lots of educated people, city of politics, education and… Idols.

Paul was “greatly distressed” in Athens. Nevertheless, wherever he went was was making God known. He would find a starting point – an altar to an “unknown god”.

How much I know God by the end of 2014 will depend on how much I will seek Him in 2014.

Do I seek relationship with God? Do I seek a personal, intimate relationship with God?

The pursuit of things other than God can deter our quest for God. Jobs, money, hobbies…

Think about something you’ve done with all of your heart. What would it mean for you to look for God.

Am I willing to change my ideas of who God is?

.30 God expects change in our undertaking if Him. He would not expect something we couldn’t do without His help.

People reacted differently to Paul”s message. But as a result some people believed. The reason Paul was successful was because he knew God and want to make Him known.