When We All Get to Heaven

Seven things we will do in heaven
John 14:1-6

1. We will make our home in heaven
When we enter heaven we will see God’s creativity, His beauty. Home is where you safe. Where you are among loved ones. Home is where there’s lough tear, joy and peace.
We cannot get to heaven on our looks or personality. The only way to get there is by following Jesus

2. We will be with The Lord forever
1 Thessalonians 4:16-18
There are very few people we would like to be with for along time. With The Lord we will be forever. Early disciples were not afraid to die.
Death is only a prelude to life with enteral Lord. Is this something I find encouragement in? Do I encourage other brothers and sisters with this?
Heaven is about relationship with The Lord. The presence of The Lord is the essence of heaven.

3. We will live in transformed body
1 Corinthians 15:40-44
We will be like Jesus

4. We will rest form our labor
Revelation 14:13
Some of us are so ready for rest. Our lives in heaven will include rest. We all look forward to vacation time after along year of work. Imagine the rest after entire life. The question is am I working hard for god now?

5. We will be free from all pain
Revelation 21:3

6. We will meet with the faithful
What story will I share with them. Sawn in two for faith, persecuted? Or

7. We will worship God forever.
People who love Fod on this earth will never be bored in heaven. How we are with god in this life will determine how we will be in heaven.

Revelation 5:11-14
Revelation 7:9-12

At times we fail to grasp to understand how incredible it will be to worship God with thousands of other believers. We will see people from different walks of iLife’s, cultures and generations. They will all gather to worship God.
Heaven will not be boring. God revealed just a glimpse of what the heaven will be like. We can only imagine what it will be like. One thing we should be sure of: it will be worth it.