Respect for God’s Word

2 Kings 22:1-20
I need a responsive heart to be able to hear God”s Word

How to develop a responsive heart?

1. Deep respect for Gods Word.
There”s a big difference between God”s Word and the word of a human.
Human words are mostly opinions. What God says – is true. When He speaks – things happen.
When He speaks we need to listen.

What”s my response to the Word of God?

How can I tell if I have respect to the word of God?
Do I read it  daily? It is hard to please God without looking into his word daily. God”s word is a shield that helps keep our hearts pure. It helps us be a better parent, better spouse.
Does God”s word play a part in the decisions I make in my life? How often do I ask: I this what Jesus would do?
The problem with Israelis was that they imitated their neighbors more than they imitated God.

How often do I pray to God?

Other ways to respond.
Jeremiah 36:20-24, 27-31

2. To have a heart that does not harbor sin
2 Kings 23:1-7, 24-25
When we hear the word of God – repentance is the right response. What it is that I’ve been struggled with for a long time? Maybe it”s the time to deal with it now.

Success in your life resides in the Word of God.