Sermons from March 2022

Long Live… The faith

Today’s lesson teaches us that we must focus not on a faith that is fast but on a faith that lasts. We must remember that faith is more about keeping our eyes on Jesus than it is about our performance. In the end, we should be amazed (not surprised) by Jesus’ work in our lives.

Surpassing Worth of Knowing Christ

In Philippians 3, Paul tells us about the importance of knowing Christ. Just as there are different levels of intimacy with those around us, there are also different levels of intimacy with Christ. Paul reminds and encourages us that we should desire such a level of intimacy with Christ that knowing him is worth more than all other things/knowledge in the world.

Servants of Christ

Philippians 2 teaches how disunity comes from self-interest and how the church requires a deeper connection than just a social club. Paul uses two examples to describe what servants of Christ look like and reminds us of the importance of bringing others’ interests above our own.

Shining Like Stars

In the books of Romans and Philippians, Paul admonishes the disciples to shine like stars in their warped and crooked generation. When it is dark, is when stars are seen the best. Disciples of Christ can shine like stars by holding onto the word of life, and by conducting themselves in a manner worthy of Christ.