Sermons from April 2022

Peace That Transcends

We don’t get to choose our families. And yet often they are the closest people we’ve got. In the same way, we don’t get to choose our spiritual family. We’ve got to find a way to love one another. After all, deep love for one another is the only way people will be able to tell that we are from one spiritual family.

Easter Sunday

Today we reflect on and celebrate the events which took place around 2000 years ago. Tony reminds us that the truth of the bodily resurrection of Christ is one of the most important parts of our faith. For, as Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 15 if these events are not true, then where is our hope and what is the point of our faith at all?

Here Comes The King

When God is going to do something, He will supply what is needed even if we don’t know where it will come from and might not be what is expected. The Jews of Jesus’ day were expecting a warrior king but got an itinerant preacher. We are challenged to ask ourselves, “If I was there for the events of Matt 21:1-11, who would I be in the crowd and where would I stand?”

The Hope of Heaven

New citizenship always requires certain prerequisites for those hoping to acquire it and these should form our actions and mindset. In Philippians (3:15-21), Paul reminds us that how we conduct ourselves matters, ultimately, we need to ask ourselves, is our mind on earthly things or are we focused on the hope of heaven?