Peace That Transcends

Phil 4:1-3

There was a personal relationship in the church because the people were addressed by their names. We have no choice in who our family is, there just are. In the church, we have no choice who our brothers and sisters are. We are all different in the family of God and we all have to get along. If Paul had ministered to our church what would he have said about our relationships? People will know that we are disciples by the way we love one another. Just like with our physical families, where people can recognize us by physical likeness, the only way people can recognize that we are from one spiritual family is by our love for each other.

Phil 4:4-7

The word of God calls us to rejoice always. When we wish away the word of God it becomes less important in our lives. When we are in a difficult situation we are asking God where he is? But God is always there, He never left. When we get into difficult situations we start to rely on human wisdom and not on prayer. God is calling us to rejoice always. In different situations, we need to entrust ourselves to God. 

Phil 4:8-13

We can be those who only see problems all the time, we see nothing good. How we live matters as a disciple.  We need to learn to be content despite our circumstances because the Lord is near. Is our gentleness evident to all? We have to learn to take personal responsibility for what we do.