Sermons from June 2013

Contentment from God

Philippians 4:4-13 We still can have all the blessings from God no matter what age we are. The content life from God may come today not some time into future or after we die. We are not born content. Or spirits longs for more. Especially when we are young. “If only I had…” We often…

Father’s Love

God loves you passionately. God loves us unconditionally. There is no did good enough for Him to love you more or no sin great enough for Him to love you less. John 3:16-18 Romans 5:6-8 God gave His absolute best for us. He never holds back. Romans 8:31-32 How do I see God’s love? As…

The Body of Christ

What do we know about Jesus? How tall he was, what was the complexion of his skin? What was his voice like? Was his weight? Did he feel insecure about his weight as some of us do?