Contentment from God

Philippians 4:4-13

We still can have all the blessings from God no matter what age we are. The content life from God may come today not some time into future or after we die.

We are not born content. Or spirits longs for more. Especially when we are young.

“If only I had…” We often say, thinking that something will make us content. Read the book of Ecclesiastes.

Paul learned to face the pressures of “If only I had”. He learned to be truly content.

True contentment is wanting what you have.

God meant for people to love other people not other things. That’s what most people forget and lose their contentment and happiness in life.

The value of life is to love people and help them using things when they are available.

This was Paul’s secret of discovering God.

Paul viewed poverty and wealth equally as trials. It’s not how we usually view trials.

If anything, wealth brings more worries.

Paul realized that the key to contentment is to make himself insignificant and let God do His job.

We tend to worry a lot. Mortgage, jobs, kids. I cannot just stop worrying. It’s ingrained in me.

What was Paul’s secret? Philippians 4:6-7. Go to God. With all your needs. It doesn’t mean we will get everything we ask for. But God will give us the strength and wisdom to be at peace, be content even when things do not go our way.

Luke 22:39

Jesus knew the horrible death that was waiting for Him. He went to God. He prayed about His needs. But

through prayer he achieved peace and contentment amid difficult time.