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Worship On The Way

One of the overarching themes of Thread is decompartmentalization – taking our faith out of the boxes we put it in like worship being restricted to Sunday mornings or kids and adults separating for worship. These practices, though often unintentional, restrict our worship, effectively making God smaller than he is.

One of the remarkable things about Abraham, who God chose to enter into a covenant with, was that his faith was not compartmentalized. He worshiped God wherever he went. Wherever he set up his tent, he also built an altar to the Lord. When he won a war he worshiped a Jesus type in Melchizedek. He involved his family in worship, albeit in one of the wildest texts in the Bible, as Isaac carries the wood for his own sacrifice.

Is your church putting God in boxes that he never intended for us to put him in? Is your faith community separated into silos or is it given opportunities to unite despite differences? Remember, Babel – God loves diversity. But sometimes, in an effort to “meet needs” we put people and groups together in ways that actually keep us from growth because the individuals in the groups are all in the same life stage. Is there another way?

Are you intentionally helping the church to decompartmentalize Sunday morning as the only time of worship? One easy way is to look over the resources in the Thread App each week and mention (or have someone else mention) what they can discover this week as they worship at home using the resources for individuals, families, and groups. You could send out notifications from this portal pointing people to the resources. You can train your leaders to use the small group material and to encourage one another to share what they are learning. You could make a slide for your service and social media that highlights the resources.

It’s one thing to have resources available but it’s another thing to change a compartmentalized culture so people will actually incorporate these lessons into their lives throughout the week.

One important note: as you offer and promote these resources, be careful not to use guilt as a motivation. Worship has to be something each person decides to do in their hearts and lives. Keep it positive.