Jesus And The Betrayer

Although Christ foresaw his betrayal, he did not treat Judas as his sin deserved, but extended grace towards him. No matter how far off our faith journey we are, in repenting, we can rebuild our identity in, and relationship with Christ.

Judas is known as the betrayer, he betrayed Jesus with a kiss.

Luke 22: 1-6;


Judas walked with Jesus for three years.

John 12:1-6

Judas was a trusted person because he was the treasurer, he must have built up a great reputation with Jesus and the other apostles to be in charge of the money. Judas walked the same journey as the other disciples.  He heard the same messages, he saw all the miracles. Judas saw people healed, he saw people fighting to listen to Jesus, some even climbed trees. Some believe that prosperity is a measurement of our faith, that is being preached in our society today. Why did Judas betrayed Jesus? A lot of people enter into a relationship with God because of what they can get from him and when it does not happen people leave the faith. There comes a point in our lives where we have to ask ourselves where is our identity found. Is it in God or the things that we do? Perhaps there is a little Judas in all of us.

John 13:1-5;

John 13:21-22.

Jesus continued to serve Judas even when he knows that Judas was going to betray him. We’ve got to learn to treat others like Jesus did even when they hurt or betrayed us. God loves us even though our sins.  Peter denied Jesus three times but he went away and repented while Judas killed himself. God is calling us to have a relationship with us, he is not interested in what we have done, but rather our repentance.