Quenching Our Thirsts

John 4:4-42

The Samaritans were hated and despised by the Jews.

  1. Give me this water

There are things that we want and crave in life. We want faith, hope, and excitement in our lives. We all want some kind of water. We thirst for belongings and connections. We want pleasure and to escape, so we turn to pornography .

We thirst for influence and recognition so we drink from the wrong well. Some turn to religion to make the world a better place and for us to feel better about ourselves. We turn away from religion because we do not get what we thought was promised.

  1. We need relationship not a product

We need a source of true worship that can only be achieved through Jesus. We need God’s Word in order to be true and authentic. We can have the Bible and still miss God.

  1. We need a prophet

We need someone who tells us the truth and not what we want to hear. What penetrating question would God ask you about your life? Who is in our lives that are helping us? We need prophets in our lives who will reveal to us things that we need to change. We make sacrifices for ourselves but we cannot find time for God.

  1. We need a Christ

We can put our kids, jobs, and marriages first and live for those things. Are we seeking God or are we just playing church?

  1. We need a Savior

The more we drink deeply from Christ we will not have that yearning to go after the things that destroys our lives. As a disciple we should be drinking from salvation on a daily basis. Everything we do now should be about our eternal life. Do we think about eternity? Do we think about the things that are not going to keep us healthy? Our thirst can only be quenched through the cross.