Lions, Bears and Giants

1Sam 8:6-8
The people rejected God as their King, they wanted a human king.
1Sam 15:10-11
God regretted that He had made Saul king because he was disobedient.
1Sam 16:5-8
Our hearts is what matters to God, not our appearance.
1Sam 16:13-14
David was anointed king.
1Sam 17:4-8; 26-45
Goliath was a huge giant and he was taunting the Israelites. David was not afraid of Goliath, it made him angry how he was putting God’s army to shame. What does the reputation of God means to us?The battle is the Lord’s and we will be victorious when we rely on God and go in His strength. David had the Spirit of God even before he went to fight Goliath. We tend to fight our battles on our own and we fail, we have to do it in Jesus strength. If Christ and David needs an anointment before they go out and fight so we need to the same? David did not allow himself to be controlled by what others thought about him. With one arm David defeated the enemy, because he went in God’s strength.
Mark 6:37
When we rely on God he can multiply what we do and what we give.