United We Stand

Gen. 11: 1-9
These people did not want God’s plan, they wanted their own. When there is unity nothing is impossible, you can accomplish anything.
Acts 2: 1-13
Our love for one another needs to be what is different about us and will attract others around us. We are called to share the word of God with others. If we are not willing to forgive others then God will not forgive us either. When we go through challenges it need to draw us closer together and not further a part.
John 17:20-23
Jesus prayed to God so that we could be unified as a church. Once we are united as a church there is nothing that we cannot accomplish together.
John 13:34-35
God called us to love one another that is the only way we can be his disciples.
Pro. 18:7
We need to fixed our eyes on Jesus so that when situations happen we are able to have the right perspective and not take sides. We need to remember that we take the side of righteousness which is God’s side.
Psalms 139:3
When there is a problem we always need to go and pray and ask God to reveal how we have contributed to the problem and be wiling to make things right.
Matt. 28:18
God called each and every disciple to go and help others to become disciples. He promised that we will not be doing it alone but that he will be with us