New creation

As disciples we are a new creation, we no longer live for ourselves but for God. If I am willing to be used by God, He will make it happen.

2 Corinthians 5:17-20

Christian life can be tiring sometime. But God gave us the mission to be ambassadors of Christ for the world. Why does God make us a new creation? We need to be helping others to get right with God.

That’s how He created us spiritually. As disciples we have a great responsibility, to go and share the word of God with the lost. That is our purpose as disciples.

God gave us the ability to be ambassadors.

Where I am in my ministry of reconciliation? It’s never too late to start that ministry.

We need to believe that we can be used by God. It is never too late to have an impact on others lives. Allow our selves to be touched by God.