Jesus’ Attitude

1. Attitude to God

John 5:30

Jesus did not sad an intendant lifestyle but the life of submission to God.

Mark 10:27

Do I believe that I cannot do anything without  God? And if I do how often do I involve God into our daily lives?

2. Attitude towards possessions.

Luke 12:13-15

Lot of people are consumed with desires for new things.

Luke 9:25

Jesus says that our soul is more important than anything that we can acquire  in this world. That’s why we should seek to meet the needs of the soul than any material needs than we have.

3. Attitude towards serving

Mark 10:35-45

Jesus did not come to the world to be served. He had completely different attitude towards serving. He humbled himself to serve the people.

He lowered Himself to wash his disciples’ feet in  John 13.

Jesus did not complain or criticize the disciples who weren’t serving. He just picked a towel and served himself.

There are not menial jobs only menial attitudes.

He do I serve the lost, the poor, the weak, neighbors? What kind of person I would NOT want to serve?

Jesus calls us to serve with his attitude.

Attitude to church

What was your attitude in your way to church.

4.  Attitude towards giving

Acts 20:35

Jesus lived not to save what he had. He gave away freely his time, energy, emotions.

We too need to consider giving as a blessing.