What Jesus taught about faith

Jesus never really set down and explained what faith really was. But he used a lot of examples to illustrate the faith.

Matthew 6:25-34
Sometimes we think that we know what our needs are more than God knows them.
Sometimes God just wants us to stop and smell the roses.

1. Faith believes that God will provide. But unconverted acts is if He will not.
2. Those who trust in his words will be blessed

Matthew 8:5-13
Centurion’s faith was simple and pure. He didn’t ask too many questions or questioned Jesus’ authority.

3. The power of faith in the group is greater than one person’s.
Matthew 9:1-8
Mark 2:1-5
The faith of the group can take you to new heights.
Am I surrounded by people of faith?
When you have a lot of faith in your group God can do amazing things through you. There will be no door or roof to hold you.
How’s your faith as a group. Do I work alone do I used my friends’ help?

4. If you keep your eye on Jesus you will do things that you never believed possible.

Matthew 14:22-31
When was the last time you did something radical? When was the last I got out of the boat.
What is God telling you to do right now?  Keep your eyes on Jesus and you will do things that you never thought are possible.