Jesus’ trust in God

Jesus had remarkable trust in God.

Luke 4:1-13
When you trust God you don’t take shortcuts
There’s so many temptations for us go take shortcuts everywhere: school, jobs, relationships.
We should trust in God that His timing and plan.

When you trust in God your heart is secure
Proverbs 11:28
Where our security comes from. Jesus drew his security from God.
Wealth and riches are where most people put their trust in.
People tend to believe that riches will provide them with the sense of security, comfort, confidence.
So many people failed on this road.
What am I basing my security on?

When you trust in God your heart is surrendered
Matthew 26:36-39
We tend to confuse ‘I want’ and ‘Gods wants’   
Are we ready to surrender what we want to God?

When you trust in God retaliation is not an option
1 Peter 2:21-24
When you are treated unjustly – what’s your response? Do you retaliate, hold grudges?

When you trust in God he fills you with joy and peace
Jeremiah 17:7-8