Jesus and His Prayer Life

Mark 1:22 Mark 2: Mark 11 Mark 5:18-20 Prayer changes man’s life

Luke 11:1-4 No matter where you are in your spiritual life it’s very important to imitate Jesus in his prayer life.

If you want to humble somebody, ask them about their prayer life.

We can fail sometimes to see that Jesus needs as human were just like ours. Prayer was what he started the day from and something he finished the day with.

When was the last time I prayed on my knees or took somebody with me to pray?

1. Great achievements were preceded y prayer

Matthew 15:35-37

Matthew 14:22

Mark 9:21

People are most difficult objects to move. Instead of trying to change them ourselves it would be much more effective to pray for them.

2. Great achievements were followed by prayer.

Matthew 14:22-23

3. Great pressures at work call for extra prayer.

Luke 5:16 you could not get Jesus to stop praying. He could have forgotten to eat. But not pray.

4. Great sorrows were met with prayer

Luke 22:39-46