Stepping Out

Matthew 14:22-36

1. Stepping out requires faith God expects us to step out in faith with whatever faith we have, because this is how we can experience the power of God. Jesus wants us to experience something great in our lives. Peter had to make s decision to step out. We too have to make a decision to experience an adventure of our lifetime Jesus

2. Stepping out requires getting out. We can look at the whole story as Peter’s failure. However, he as the only one who stepped out. The rest just watched from the comfort of the boat. Boat potatoes.

Many people in churches want to experience the comfort of spiritual living but don’t want to step out of their boats.

We can find ourselves in 4 types of boats

  • Boat of fear. Fear and growth go together.
  • Boat of comfort
  • The boat if tomorrow. There will be no favorable condition to step out of the boat. Don’t put off until tomorrow. Do it today.
  • Boat of disappointment