Bring the boy to me!

Mountain top experience

Mark 9:2-9

Mark 9:14-19

  • As Christians to we notice the world outside? There are a lot of people out there who are at a lot worse shape than we are. People in the world are hurting and looking for solution
  • Good intentions alone are not enough Do we lives where we are able to help people? Or our live are just as messed up as those of people looking for help?

Mark 9:20-27

Jesus taught a valuable lesson in faith to a man was faithless, desperate stigmatized.

“Help me overcome my disbelief” is an honest prayer.

There”s no formulas for better life. Jesus never healed people in that same way. He was looking for hearts.

  • Mountains are movable

Mark 9:28-29

Matthew 17:19-20

There”s a connection between payer and faith.

Even if we had an ounce of faith we would be able to do incredible things.

Mountain top experience doesn”t have to happen on the mountain. It can be your quiet time, walk with God. And it can happen in everyday life. Pray specifically for that with faith