Starting Point

The Story of Our Faith

The Story of Our Faith

As you look back on your life as a Christian or as a leader, what are some things that you’ve needed to reframe? In what ways were your beliefs or actions askew from God’s story? How did you come to realize that your beliefs needed to be reframed? How did the Spirit help you see…

Why Spirituality?

Spirituality is how we live out the story. In our faith tradition, we have a tendency to live out our faith with great human effort. Human effort is good.
We are called to hold to (abide) the teaching of Jesus. But Jesus makes it clear that we don’t need to abide alone (we can’t). Rather, he’s given us
the Holy Spirit as a helper so we can live for God and in God.

Why Story?

As we continue our journey exploring the idea of Yahweh and the People, through the Thread Podcast, we focus our attention in this week’s episode on the idea of “Why Story?” Why is it important to understand the story of God in the scriptures and how that may intersect and impact our story?

Image of God

Our Image of God

This week we started a three-year journey where we explore God and man through His three persons, Yahweh and the People, Jesus and the People, and The Holy Spirit and the People. “Our Image of God” focuses on how formative experiences both spiritual, emotional, and physical affect our image of God and therefore can shape…