Light In You – Sermon Introduction

We wanted to let you know about an exciting series that we have been doing here in the Ottawa Church called See To It in the last several weeks. We have looked at multiple passages in the Bible through different voices where the call is ‘see to it.’ Whether it’s “See to it that none…

Origins of Easter

Like Christmas, Easter is a blend of pagan superstitions and Christian concepts. Historically, the major problem with observing Easter has been the double standard in commitment that it reinforces. If some days are holy, or special, then others are not. And if observing one day as holy means we are giving God less than our best on the other days, we are violating Jesus’ command for every true disciple to take up his cross daily

Sunday Worship Service Update

The city of Ottawa has decided to close all their public facilities for the next 3 weeks. The community centre has not been exempted from that decision. Therefore with a lot of regret we will be live-streaming our next few services until the beginning of April.