Sermons from July 2023

No Regrets

Can you live your life without regrets? With faith in God, you can. Living by faith does not mean your life will be easy or have no challenges. God gives you a purpose that makes your life meaningful. Do you feel like your life is making a difference? Does it have a purpose that would give it a lifelong meaning? What can you do with your life right now so that in the end you have no regrets?

Holiness of God

As we embark on our summer let us remember about the holiness of our God. Sumer is not the time to take a vacation from God. It’s time to be even more vigilant about our spiritual lives. Our culture teaches us that we need to ‘domesticate’ our God. Make create gods that are comfortable to worship. Our God is to be revered and honored. Day in and day out. Not when it’s convenient. But every single day.