Sermons from April 2023

Heaven. The promise

The promise of heaven is worth waiting for. From his promise to Abraham to the upcoming hope of a new Jerusalem, the promise of heaven is what our faith holds on to. While we wait for this promise, we are called to stand firm and not compromise in our walk with God

Several adults and children hands form a shape

We Are Family

We don’t just go to church, we are the Church. Biblically, the church is viewed as a family/household. However, some people don’t have a good view of what family means and when we get distracted, one of the first things to be sacrificed is family. How do you view church and family and how does it affect how you are living?

Choose Wisely

As we finish our series in God and Money, we reflect on the fact that Jesus talked about money as a thing to be joyful about. We are encouraged to consider how we manage the money God has given us and to stop trying to live up to the expectations of wealth that we form by looking at the people around us. We are left with the questing of if we are rich toward God or rich toward money and are cautioned to choose wisely.

The Greatest Moment in History

This resurrection Sunday, we remember the Power of God shown even in the most horrific circumstances – death by crucifixion. Through Christ’s death on the cross, sin and death were defeated for all time and we now have hope for a future free of suffering. We are reminded that the message of Easter is the power of God and that, if we remember nothing else, we should remember the cross as it is the foundation of our salvation.

The Generosity of God

As we can see from Exodus 32: 1-6, affluenza (putting money before God) has been an issue for all of human history. We forget what God has done and refuse to see his instructions as being for our good. Today’s sermon reminds us that generosity is the cure to our affluenza, and no one is more generous than God.