Jacob's Wrestling Match

Jacob’ Wrestling Match

Read Genesis 32:22-32, Colossians 4:12-18

Jacob’s wrestling match, in the middle of the night, comes when he is not expecting it. He realizes that he’s not just wrestling with man, but God himself, and the experience leaves him (and history) changed forever. 

As Christians, we can be surprised by the ways that God engages us too. Things in our lives that start out lacking clarity in darkness and even in isolation often end up being the things we wrestle and struggle with until God brings them to light.

What are some things that you have wrestled with in the past? How has God shown up and given you clarity (even if clarity comes with a limp)?

We also have the ability to engage God in wrestling through prayer. Do you pray through your loved ones, your church, and the communities who need God in your area? Do you organize times of prayer as a faith community? How can you create more opportunities for your church to wrestle with God in prayer?