Blue and Yellow patch next to a title: Jacob - Birthright and Blessing

Jacob: Birthright and Blessing

Jacob secures his father’s blessing in an unconventional way (to put it nicely)! Whatever we may think of how he and Rebekah went after the blessing, we can’t deny that he really wanted to be blessed by his father and by God. This story highlights that blessings come about in unexpected ways if we’re willing to look for them and even work toward them in a sense. (Not that they can be earned.)

We may have ideas about how we want God to work in our churches but they don’t always match up with his. How might God be working unexpectedly in your church? Is the Spirit working in a way that you didn’t see coming? What trends do you see? What ministries are producing fruit?

What types of people have been coming to your services? Could God be leading you in an unexpected direction? Is there fruit already on the tree but we’re just failing to recognize it?

Take some time to ask God and ponder these questions. Think about your flock and your community with an open mind.