Spiritual Hygiene

Spiritual hygiene involves developing habits around your spiritual life. Things like regular prayer, taking care of people’s needs, and making a habit of sacrificing personal comfort for the sake of other people. True disciples do not only make a habit of these spiritual practices they make sure they grow in them making these habits indispensable parts of their lives.

It is very easy to lose perspective when we’re not practicing spiritual hygiene, and we think that everything around us is the problem. Jesus cultivated habits like prayer, scripture, fellowship, and thankfulness. By imitating these habits, we sow habits and reap the rewards of spiritual hygiene.

1. The habit of prayer

Mark 1:35. It was important to Jesus to spend time in prayer so that he can prepare for his day. A disciple will never rise above their prayer life.

Luke 5:16. We think that we are too busy to pray and God is not going to answer our prayers. We need to pray even when we don’t feel like it. Sometimes we do not pray because we do not want to change. 

2. The habit of using scriptures 

Matthew 4:4. Jesus knew the scriptures and he knew when to use them. In temptations and difficult times. He used it to help others, he knew when the scriptures were being twisted. We need to be an example to our children, they need to see us studying the Bible with others. 

3. The habit of obedience 

John 8:29; John 18:12. Jesus always did what pleased the Father. Happiness in life means saying yes to God. God wants us to reap and experience spiritual blessings in our lives by being obedient. 

4. The habit of giving 

Mark 10:45. Jesus was always willing to give of himself to others, he was never too busy. When we give to others we ourselves get refreshed.

5. The habit of fellowship 

Matthew 9:10; John 12: 1-2. Jesus was in the habit of being around people. As human beings we are wired for connection with others. Christianity is not a solo journey, if we live like that we will have challenges in our lives.

6. The habit of thankfulness

John 11:41. We need to get in the habit of thanking God for something that did not happen as yet. We need to get in the habit of thanking God for what we have and not asking for more. Thanksgiving was a habit of Jesus, he could do it in difficult circumstances. There is always something to be thankful for, we all need to get in the habit of being thankful.

  1. The habit of rest
  2. The habit of fasting 

What we sow spiritually is when we will reap spiritually. 

Are your spiritual expectations consistent with the habits of your soul?