This World is Not My Home

We continue our series on God and money. It is important for us to remember that our treasures on earth are temporary so we should invest them back into God’s Kingdom, where we truly belong. This World is Not Our Home.

One day we will have to give God an account of how we spend the money he had given to us. How do we manage God’s money?
2Cor 8:1-4
These people were very poor but they still gave from the little they had. It does not matter what we are going through God still expects us to give.
Isaiah 58: 6-10
Jeremiah 22:16
The way we treat and defend the poor determines how God answers our prayers. We want to be a solid church that can take care of the poor.
1. The heart follows the money
Matthew 6:19-21
We’ve got to examine our hearts because where our treasure is that is where our heart is.
2. This world is not my home
Hebrews 11:13
Our goal is to accumulate things for ourselves but we need to understand that we cannot take it with us when we die. What are we filling up our hotel room with?
3. Live with the end in mind
Luke 12:15
Consumerism makes us buy into the lies that we do not have enough. Our relationship with money got to be a healthy one. The more things you have the more it controls you.
Ecclesiastes 5: 10-15
We believe that we can serve both God and money even though the scripture said that we cannot. How do we deal with this influenza?
1Timothy 6:17-19
Laying up treasures on earth is a waste of time because this world is not our home. When your eyes are open and you see what life is really about we give our lives to Jesus.

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