God and Money. Part 1

As we start our 5 part series on God and Money, we are reminded about the impact that mishandling of finances/financial stress has on our lives. In 1 Timothy 6, we can see that money itself is not a bad thing but rather how the LOVE of money can cause discontent and sin. There is a struggle within each of us regarding money and we must keep our eyes/mind open to how this struggle is reflected in our attitude so our heart remains focused on God.

Money is a gift from God, but also a potential idol that can distract us from God’s glory and purpose.

We may get distracted from loving God by greed, covetousness, anxiety, pride, and self-reliance.

We also have to be cautious against the opposite extreme of despising money or being indifferent to it, which can lead to laziness, irresponsibility, ingratitude, and waste.

The biblical way to handle money is to use it for God’s glory and our good, by being generous, content, faithful, and wise stewards of what God has entrusted to us.

Practical examples of how we can apply these principles in our daily lives include giving generously to the church and the poor, living within our means, saving for future needs, investing wisely for God’s kingdom purposes, avoiding debt and dishonesty, and being thankful for God’s provision.

Money is not our ultimate treasure or security; only God is. We are invited to trust in God’s promises and provision for us in Christ Jesus.

Sermon’s scriptures: 1Tim 6:6-10; Matt 6:19-24; 1Tim 6:11-16