Hearing God’s Call

Do you hear God’s Calling? It’s not about us. It’s about God’s perfect plan for humanity. God is calling us to contend side by side in unity to give the irresistible message of hope, love, and compassion through Jesus to our hurting cities.

Acts 16:6-10

We are called by God and have been chosen by him. We are his sons and daughters.

  • Called by God

Do we still believe that we are called today by God? Do you still believe that God wants to use us?  Even when things look messy in our lives we can still be used by God.

Phil 1:3- 6

There is nothing more that is more significant than our salvation. God wants to use us to help us. Despite what is happening in our lives God still has a vision for us and he wants to use us.

  • We are called by our cities

We need to pray and ask God to open our eyes and hearts so we can see the hurt of others and help them. Our cities are looking for Christ, not religion. Even when there are difficulties in our lives God still wants to use us. We can go to God and find rest for our souls.

  • Great unity

Philippians 1:27

We are not in an individual sport, we are in this together – we are a team. Jesus is the ultimate team player. Jesus laid his crown aside to save us. To be successful as a church we need to have the heart and mindset of Jesus. When we realize that we are called by God it takes the pressure off. God has great plans for all of us. God can do great things through our unity. We need to be open to God’s call in our lives.