He Threw Himself at Jesus’ Feet

What describes us more in our Gratitude to God? Are we the 9 who left, or the Samaritan who returned to thank Jesus? Ultimately when we understand who Jesus is, part of our gratitude to God is expressed in a humility that is both emotive and expressive.

If we want to love Jesus and get to know him, we should look at how he treated others. When we are in a difficult situation our surroundings does not matter, the only think on our minds is to get well. We are not focus on what others may be thinking about us. Why did that one leper chose to come back?

He came back because he was grateful for what God has done for him. This leper cried out loudly to God when he needed healing, once he was healed he praised and thank God loudly before everyone. He was not concern how others may perceive him.

When we understand what Jesus has done for us it causes us to fall at the feet of Jesus and to thank and praise him. This is the kind of heart that Jesus recognize. What describes us more with our response to gratitude towards God? Does it equate to the one or the nine? Are we most please with the gifts are the giver?

Do we understand what has been done for us and to us. Thanking God and praising God goes together, it is an act of humility. If we are going to know Jesus we have to know him well.