Only One Thing Is Needed

At this moment, especially during the pandemic, there are endless things in competition for our attention, time and money. This can lead to confusion, worry and even anxiety. FOMO (fear of missing out) and nomophobia (fear of being without our mobile device) are at all time high. In his interaction with Martha and Mary, Jesus gives us the unequivocal answer to this confusion. Join us as we see why Jesus said ‘Only one thing is needed’.

What are we doing with all the time that we have saved? Are we where we want to be in your life? What do we need to focus on at this point in time?

Luke 10:38-43

Distraction does not produce a focus life. We need to give our relationships priority. Are we worried and upset about many things?

What is most important is spending time with Jesus. We are now convinced that busyness is a badge of honour.

Are we Martha or Mary? Distraction causes irritation in our lives. After the people who are close to us if we are distracted. Do we believe that the only thing that is needed is to sit at Jesus’s feet? If we are not getting with Jesus and truly spending time with him it is because it’s not important to us.

If it’s important to us we will make time for it. Are we getting irritated with the people in our lives and with the Lord? Are we filling our schedule with good things are only what is essential? Are we serious about or relationship with Christ? Are we distracted or devoted?